Monday Musings

When did Holly Hobbie get pimped? I remember the old school Holly, the sweet girl with freckles and braids who looked like Laura Ingalls Wilder fresh off the covered wagon with Pa and Ma and trying to escape the original mean girl Nelly Olsen. This modern Holly Hobbie is apparently Holly Hobbie’s great-granddaughter. At least she doesn’t look like this.

One of my favorite Go-Go’s songs, “We’ve Got the Beat,” has been massacred by Pizza Hut who changed the lyrics to “We’ve Got the Meat” for a TV commercial. Between that and EMF’s “Unbelievable” used to promote Kraft cheese and The Cure’s “Picture of You” used by Hewlett Packard I’m having a music from my youth identity crisis.

When your sensible cotton undies blend in with your 3-year-old’s sensible cotton undies is it time to visit Victoria’s Secret? (Not by size, by any means, but from a distance they look alike especially when you are nearsighted. Note to self: Always wear glasses or contacts when sorting laundry!)

To the person who found my blog by doing a Google search for “Potty Training Cleaning Poop From Carpet,” this is not that kind of blog, you sicko cleaning freak.

On a serious note, wouldn’t the recently published “Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook” by the late Shel Silverstein be a great Easter gift? I’ve been reading my childhood copy of “The Giving Tree” by Silverstein to Caitlin at bedtime and it still moves me to tears. If you’ve never read it, buy it or check it out at the library now.


  1. R*Belle says:

    The googler needs to limit access to only rooms with tile or linoleum during naked potty training. Sheesh! When will people learn common sense?

    I have to say Hollie Hobbie looks better. I always thought she was kind of a drip.

  2. Jamie says:

    Oh, I admit I loved Holly Hobbie! Of course I was probably about 8 when she was popular. I had a big Holly Hobbie doll. I also liked the Little House on the Prairie TV show and read the entire boxed set of books. Ma…Pa…good times on the prairie people. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    While we’re talking about ad campaigns, tonight I noticed that Arby’s new marketing slogan is whittled down to something like this: Our chicken is now 100% chicken!

    First the talking oven mitt, now this. I’d advise selling any stock you might have RIGHT NOW.

  4. Nancy says:

    HP is using “Pictures of You?” Ugh. What a way to completely ruin a good song.

    I have to give Holly Hobbie props for de-frumpifying herself somewhat. I’m dying to see if Strawberry Shortcake starts with the miniskirts and layered crop tops now…

  5. Joel says:

    I’m with you on the music…the “sellouts” are systematically destroying all good memories associated with the music of my youth.

  6. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I love anything by Shel Silverstein. “Falling Up” is probably my favorite book.

    And apparently that Holly Hobbie is the great-granddaughter of the original, who is now known as “Classic Holly Hobbie.” Can you say “New Coke?”

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