Secondhand Rose Syndrome

Amelia’s first birthday is next weekend. I have yet to buy her birthday present from her daddy and me. But I’m sure having a blast doing, uh, online consumer research for her present(s). So far I know she’s receiving cold hard cash, clothes, and a Little People dollhouse from her grandparents. But what should we get her? Shouldn’t her first birthday present from mommy and daddy be something momentous, unforgettable…something she’ll pass on to her children and something they’ll pass on to their children? Shouldn’t it be an heirloom? OK..I’m obsessing over this just a wee bit. We got Caitlin a cool push/ride scooter type toy AND a music activity table for her first birthday. Both are obnoxious noisy plastic toys that she still plays with. But I’m kind of leaning toward a wooden toy for Amelia, like this cool activity center. Or maybe a new trike like this. And I love this. I know she’ll be far more interested in the shiny gift bags with crinkly tissue and yummy tags. She’ll be far more interested in her first taste of birthday cake and the sweet sugary rush of buttercream icing. She’ll be far more interested in seeing everyone’s smiling faces. I mean, do you remember what you got for your first birthday? It seems like there’s a fine line between going Donald Trump with the present brigade and being a toy Nazi. But I don’t really want Amelia to only play with second-hand toys and books she’s inherited from big sister Caitlin. I don’t always want her to wear handmedown clothes, many of which have Caitlin’s initials scribbled on the tags. Being the second girl Amelia has already inherited big sister’s nursery, crib, changing table, carseat, and highchair. These days she’s happy as a lark with big sister’s loot and is completely oblivious to the fact that she didn’t break it in. And for that I am thankful. As the girls grow their interests will develop and become more specific. Caitlin may be an athlete, and Amelia may lean toward the arts or vice versa. I know by the time they are fashion-conscious teenagers they are going to demand their own wardrobes and I’ve already warned the hubby that we’re going to eventually need a bigger house with more closet and bathroom space. I guess we need to start a clothing fund now.


  1. R*Belle says:

    For Bella we gave her an add a pearl necklace. Since we have so many toys, I thought she might appreciate that later in life.

  2. nancy says:

    I honestly don’t remember what we gave either girl — so I’m guessing we didn’t go the heirloom route! But I do recall that Mimi’s “aunt” made her a handmade bib that said “Happy First Birthday” with her name. It’s in all the pictures of her eating cupcakes, and I intend to keep it forever. If you’re the crafty type that might be an option – it doesn’t look like it would be too hard to do.

  3. Jamie says:

    R*Belle I love the idea of jewelry! Nancy, Caitlin’s great aunt actually made her a cute appliqued first birthday bib without her name so Amelia can carry on the tradition and wear it for her first cake pics. I am so NOT crafty.

  4. mama_tulip says:

    I think the necklace idea is beautiful. And I also really love the first link to the activity centre. I’d be tempted to get her both. 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    i can’t help but say, BEWARE…that wooden activity center is the very thing Emma nearly severed her tongue on. hahhaha…:) I have no idea what we gave ether girl for their first birthdays but I did take pics of the cakes I baked. That’s just me, tho…food is always most important in my book.

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