Saturday At The Park

Caitlin Park Amelia Park
The girls and I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday. Even though it was a little cool and overcast it was nice for late February. One of the selling points for our subdivision was the neighborhood park, which is walking distance from our house. Caitlin climbed on the playground equipment over and over again and helped push baby sister in her stroller for a mile walk! Most days we like our neighborhood, except for the evenings when our neighbor’s dogs go insane and it sounds like we’re living next to the dog pound, but the hubby and I talk (and dream) about eventually moving out of suburbia. But we’re zoned for a very good elementary school, so we don’t feel the need to uproot any time soon as Caitlin starts kindergarten in fall 2007. That is another topic entirely. I can’t BELIEVE my baby is going to be starting real school next year!

I grew up in the country (8 miles from “town”) and during high school it definitely cramped my social life until I got my own set of wheels, a happenin’ little silver Subaru. But growing up in the country holds many strong memories for me. The hubby grew up in a subdivision, so he feels more landlocked. I have to admit I’ve gotten spoiled living within 5 miles of every convenience imaginable…a major mall (even though it is struggling so “major” is a stretch), grocery stores, restaurants, interstate access, etc. Oh, and a brand new YMCA is under construction less than two miles from our house, so the ties that bind us to suburbia will be even stronger! So…are you a country mouse or a city mouse?


  1. Renee says:

    I’m definitely a country mouse; born and raised, with a brief stint of the ‘city’ (Baton rouge) for 5 years for college. I enjoy the country and think it’s a perfect place to raise children. I do long for neighbors who aren’t relatives sometimes, a neighborhood full of kids for mine to play with. But they’re happy playing with their cousins, so I am too!

  2. R*Belle says:

    I am kind of a city mouse– as long as the city is more like a really large town. We live in a subdivision with big yards– all the yards have trees and all the houses are different. I love it! I had plenty of friends that grew up abou miles from town and I just can’t wrap my mind around it!

  3. mama_tulip says:

    Oh, cute pics!!

    I went to college in a big city and it was great for that time in my life but I’m glad that I live in a smaller town. We’re looking to move in about a year and get a small-ish piece of land — we’re more “outskirts” kind of people.

  4. nancy says:

    You know, I really don’t know what I am. I grew up in the country and loved that. I enjoy being close to a city and feel pretty comfortable in that environment, although I’ve never lived *in* a big city. Now I’m in the suburbs, which is not as romantic as city or country but has its benefits. I think for me I enjoy living in a place that has character — whatever the density, I have to feel like it’s “home.”

  5. Jamie says:

    The nice thing about the suburbs we live in is that 20 miles or so either way we are either in the big city or in a more rural setting. Ultimately, though, I think the hubby and I would like to be “beach” mice. 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    Can I be an in-between mouse? I don’t really consider myself country, so I guess more city mouse with a touch of country? I’ve always lived in small towns – even Franklin was a small town of about 20,000 when we moved there, but of course being a ‘burb of Nashville we had access to anything there. Knoxville is the biggest city I’ve actually lived in. I see benefits of both, I guess, but love the small town life – we have accessibility to major stuff, like Kroger, but we’re close enough to Nashville area to get that kind of atmosphere if we need it.

    Oh, your poor mall. I don’t understand what happened to it. It was really nice when it first opened, but for some reason no one shops there. And the population around it is huge! Makes no sense to me…

  7. Mrs. Flinger says:

    I wanna be more of a country mouse, fo sho. I just love starbucks too much to get too far into the country. 🙂

    Your baby doll is ADORABLE!! Seriously, girlie, we could take down the house if our two girls ever got together. Top that with the model older sister and the world would implode.

  8. Anne says:

    raised a city mouse but i’ve always loved the notion of the country. until there is an emergency and help is 30 minutes away…

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