Oh My Aching Butt…Bone

I’ve had pain lately in my tailbone area and I haven’t been ice skating or log rolling or bouncing up and down on a trampoline (minds out of gutters, please). Early this week I could barely stand up from my generic black office chair on wheels without feeling this crushing pain in the tailbone region. Of course being the Internet savvy hypochondriac that I am I fervently Googled “tailbone pain childbirth women” and every variant of that phrase and self-diagnosed my problem as weakened pelvic floor muscles. Figures it would have something to do with childbirth and two c-sections and having my innards tugged like Silly Putty in order for the doc to pull two nearly 8 pound babes out of a teeny ole incision. Here’s a handy dandy link to a site with information. Loverly name, eh? Our receptionist brought a back support pillow for me to use Tuesday but it didn’t help much. But toning exercises (as we speak!), such as Kegels, seem to be helping. My cool yoga knowledgeable brother is going to show me some helpful stretches, but if you have any other suggestions, do share. Maybe one of these would come in handy? Too bad I’m not a Packers fan, or I could order one of these. It was actually very painful Monday and Tuesday, all kidding aside. And of course people are just so anxious to hear about your tailbone pain. Today I switched to a non-rolling chair at the office and that has helped somewhat. Things could always be worse, though, as in the case for this mama. Ouch.

Now the hubby has thrown out his back and is laid up on a heating pad. If it gets any more geriatric over here we’ll have to pull out the bingo cards and hop on the casino bus to Tunica. bus


  1. mama_tulip says:

    I sympathyze. I bruised my tailbone in 8th grade and it was terribly painful for months.

    Have you ever heard of Tiger Balm? It’s fantastic for aches like that. Personally, I love the smell — it reminds me of my mom — it is rather a strong scent to the untrained nose, but it really does work.

    When I bruised my tailbone my doctor suggested that I sit on a donut pillow in class, when it would hurt the most from sitting on the hard chairs all day. I was horrified — I mean, people with ROIDS used pillows. There was no way I was doing it at school, but I did at home and in the car and it helped some, too.

  2. nancy says:

    Ow. I do bet a 15 pound baby would hurt the tailbone area and everything all around. (wincing at the thought…)

  3. Jamie says:

    Belinda, what is PSD? You’ve got me curious and I bet others would like to know. The crazy thing is the only really bad pain I am experiencing is when I stand up from my regular chair at work…weird. That chair KILLS me. Tonight at dinner I was able to stand up from a straight back chair without feeling much pain at all.

  4. Simmons says:

    im so sorry to hear about your back.

    As a sufferer of back pain i can tell you that you have a nice battle ahead of you.

    feel better.

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