Caitlin’s Song

We bundled up Sunday afternoon for a drive in the country, which is somewhat of a family tradition. Although we didn’t get much accumulation, the snow highlighting the trees was beautiful. The girls had been cooped up a wee bit much (myself included) and Caitlin was excited about the hubby’s promises that we would see horses. Amelia started to cry about 10 minutes into the drive. I think she finds wearing her winter coat while buckled in her car seat about as comfortable as a diaper wedgie, although she looked like an adorable purple Eskimo peeking out from the backseat. As the hubby drove, I fumbled through my pathetic CD collection as at one point I had the radio tuned to an Eminem song (not so comforting music for an 11-month-old!) I found this CD and knew it would do the trick. It’s a wonderful compilation of mostly classical music and it really is the proverbial soundtrack for my entire pregnancy with Caitlin. I listened to it daily while pregnant with her and we even listened to the opening song, Reverie by Debussy, en route to the hospital at 3 a.m. when I was in full swing labor and about to break the hubby’s fingers with my death grip. We listened to it while we watched Caitlin’s ultrasound video for the first time. We listened to it at Caitlin’s first birthday. To this day I can’t hear Reverie without remembering that special time when Caitlin was someone I had yet to meet in person, yet someone I felt like I’d known for an eternity. I popped the CD in Sunday afternoon while we drove through the countryside and as Reverie began to play Caitlin proclaimed from the back seat, “That’s Caitlin’s song!”


  1. Tammy says:

    Very sweet post. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the strong auditory memory links. I did a post about it on my own blog some time back. Thanks for sharing!

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