The Novelty of Snow Wore Off Faster Than a Cheap Champagne Buzz

mopping 2 It snowed overnight Friday and Caitlin woke us yesterday at an ungodly hour with sheer joy: “Mommy, Daddy it snowed out! It’s so beautiful!” It was a quasi-Winter Wonderland. Not enough snow to cover the grass, but just enough to encourage the dogs to pee on the tree in the center of our patio and discourage them from walking another five feet into the hinterlands of the backyard. Not enough snow to build a snowman, but just enough for Caitlin to finallly wear her snow coveralls she got two years ago for Christmas. I headed to the grocery early Friday with all the other village idiots and I stocked up on the necessities: Pull Ups, milk, beer, Girl Scout cookies, and washable paints for Caitlin. The hubby took Caitlin to the video store and I made Southwestern bean soup for dinner. We were hunkered down for the forecasted winter storm. By 1 p.m. yesterday Caitlin had painted several masterpieces, she was already bored with the two videos she had picked out at the movie store, the baby was napping, the hubby was working, and I started getting that maniacal urge to spring clean, only it was 20 degrees outside. Dog hair, dried bananas, and fingerprints taunted me. Our dirty house was suddenly larger than life and I did what every bored homebound with small children woman does when she is suddenly disgusted by the sad domestic state of her surroundings. (No…it was too early for tequila.) I broke out the old toothbrush. I scrubbed the highchair and its sticky plastic crevices. Caitlin got into the cleaning groove and wiped down every surface in the kitchen with those handy all purpose wipes. I cleaned out the refrigerator and threw out jars with two tablespoons of whatever clinging to the bottom. We vacuumed (mommy witih the real vacuum and Caitlin with her red plastic vacuum from grandma) in unison and for one hour the house actually seemed clean.


  1. nancy says:

    We had a snow weekend last week, and it was fun for the first day and the morning of the 2nd day. Then it was, as my husband likes to say, “Too much everybody.”

  2. Charla says:

    Sounds almost just like what I did, if you count sitting on the couch watching 5 hours of VH1’s “Top One Hundred One Hit Wonders” as the same thing.

  3. deb says:

    Can’t even call it “snow” here…bummer.

    I love your sense of humor, Jamie ;~)

    Your little girl sounds precious!

  4. Kristen says:

    Wow, your house stays clean for a whole hour? Damn. I need to learn that method. You’re chaining the kids in the basement for an hour, aren’t you? Admit it.

  5. Emily says:

    Ah, snow again. Last weekend the snow thrill was short-lived, since Jack busted out with a fever Saturday night. This weekend we’re working through an ear infection. Fun fun fun at our house. I made it in to work, though, so yay me I guess!

  6. Anne says:

    We were all ready to see some snow but only got some slick roads and cold arse winds, so forgive me if I am not sympathetic to your snowy disappoinment. I too vaccuumed the house but now, after dinner (and cleaning the dang toxic waste created from supper) with both kids asleep and hub on XBOX, it is mostly back to square one. sheezus. Is there a point to cleaning a lost cause ever?

  7. Jamie says:

    Caitlin really loves to clean. It’s hilarious. I’ve got to post some of her Martha Stewart in training pictures. I’m just ready for spring, as is everyone I suppose.

  8. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Wouldn’t you know this is the weekend we picked to visit our college son down in your neck of the woods? Though it turns out we got the snow here, too. But my van would have been parked in the garage, not a hotel parking lot where it ended up snowed AND iced over. Good thing we like that boy a lot.

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