Potty Talk from Yesterday

Caitlin (in HYSTERICS, tears streaming down her cheeks):

“Mama, you do not flush the poo poo! The poo poo is sad!”

This was because I flushed the toilet after she went merrily on her way without flushing.

Please tell me the personality quirks of a 3-year-old vanish when they turn 4. PLEASE.


  1. mama_tulip says:

    Somehow, I don’t think they do vanish. In fact, I think they get more, uh, ‘colourful’. This coming from a mother who called her daughter’s poo on the phone in an attempt to encourage it to make its way down and into the bowl.

  2. nancy says:

    Um… about them vanishing…. hmm…

    I’m with Mama Tulip — I am not sure these quirks vanish at age 4. The kids do get a little more articulate and imaginative in their expression, though — so maybe there’s hope that Caitlin will be focused on things other than poop. (For example, scrap paper — Big-A seems to be devoted to every single piece of paper she’s ever scribbled on, and cries tragically if I throw out even one in her presence.)

  3. Kristen says:

    To save you from the heartache, I’ll tell you now – those personality quirks are there to stay. I kept thinking they were quirks at age 2, 3, 4…now he’s 4 1/2 and I’m pretty sure this is just who he is. The tricky thing is that his younger brother is starting to really figure out what *his* brilliant quirks are going to be. SIGH…

  4. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Aw, don’t listen to all of those other comments! Of COURSE the three year old personality quirks go away with they turn 4.

    Then again, the quirks of a 4 year old are just as bizarre. And don’t even talk to me about 11 year olds!

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