My Stamp Collector Geek Emerges

When I was a little girl I collected stamps. My brother (older by seven years) collected stamps and for me it was a hobby that grew out of my fascination with his collection and my desire to do cool things like big brother. Helene at Adventures in Parenthood has a post and quiz about these awesome new stamps featuring animals from well-known classic children’s books.


  1. Bob K says:

    I collected stamps as well. Actually, I learned a lot of history from seeing all those American commemoratives. I mean, I bet nobody but philatelists knows the meaning of “sesquicentennial.”

  2. Jamie says:

    Bob I’m donning the dumb blonde moniker as I didn’t know the meaning of sesquicentennial. I just looked it up, however, and it means “of or relating to a period of 150 years” for all those curious.

  3. Christine says:

    My stamp collecting geekiness emerged recently with my daughter being interested. I bought some stamps for her and I had the guy say I was a good DAD doing this for my daughter. Which brings me to most collectors are OLD MEN…BUT we now have a collection of the cutest, fluffiest critters, lovely flowers, beautiful bitterflies, and anything else interesting and kiddish…It’s been fun and yes very informing.

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