Me Me Me Meme, Me Me Me Meme

Yesterday I told the hubby I’d been memed by Nancy at Mom Ma’am Me and he looked at me like I had a fluorescent three-eyed horn growing out of my forehead. With that said, here goes my first meme!

4 jobs I’ve had:
*Sales clerk, The Record Barn (how dated is that name)
*Intern, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
*Seasonal sales associate, Castner Knott (now Hecht’s). I sold baby socks to Reba McEntire and ticked her off by asking her if she was, indeed, the Reba McEntire. Apparently one does not question country music royalty with egos as big as their hair (she had big hair back then any way).
*Editorial assistant at a private university

4 movies I watch over and over again:
*Finding Nemo
*Toy Story
(Me thinks there is a pattern here.)

4 places I’ve lived:
*Goodlettsville, TN
*Nashville, TN
*Springfield, TN
*Bowling Green, KY
(And that is it people. I’ve never lived more than an hour from my hometown. Can I include different neighborhoods in Nashville? Different condo associations? Various rooms in my house? )

4 TV shows I love:
*Sex in the City
*Divine Design
*Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

4 favorite books:
* Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
* To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
* The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton
* The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

4 places I have vacationed:
*Key West, Fla.
*Montego Bay, Jamaica
*Savannah, Ga.
*New Orleans, La.

4 websites I read every day:
*Yahoo News
*The Evil Empire Statewide Rag that has made me extremely irate this week and to which we no longer have a subscription. Hint, NEVER sign a web banner ad agreement with said Evil Empire Statewide Rag…they suck royally and my husband, the hardest working daddy in the universe, is paying royally for their overpriced piece of crap excuse of an ad agreement. Ahem…glad I got that off my chest. Better now!

4 favorite foods when NOT dieting:
*Pepperoni pizza
*My mama’s chocolate sheet cake
*Creme brulee
*Pasta, pasta, pasta
(Pretty much anything greasy, cheesie, gooey, or chocolate-y)

4 favorite foods when dieting:
*Grilled fish
*Fresh grilled asparagus…just don’t like that funky thing it does to your urine

I’m casually tagging Anne, Charla and Emily. No pressure if you are having a bad hair week and wish to pass . But do let me know if you jump on the meme wagon, so I can check ’em out.


  1. nancy says:

    Yay! Thanks for doing the meme. 🙂

    Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about creme brulee! I lovelovelove creme brulee! Maybe I should have talked about that in my last post instead of baked Alaska (and then maybe I wouldn’t have confused so many people.)

  2. mama_tulip says:

    You’re the only other person I know of who has openly acknowledged the funky post-asparagus urine smell. All this time, I thought it was just me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  3. Belinda says:

    Oh, my, we can recite Nemo by heart! She’s on a princess kick right now, so it’s all about Cinderella and Belle. *le sigh*

  4. Jamie says:

    Belinda: Don’t ever get the Beauty and the Beast Christmas “knockoff” DVD. Torturous. I sense odd sexual tension between Fife and the giant evil organ, Forte.

    Mama_Tulip: I am glad we are forthcoming on the state of our urine.

    Nancy: I’ll admit I’ve never had baked Alaska! I’ll think of you next time I eat creme brulee. Yum.

    Emily: That’s cool that you and I share customer service and big haired singer stories. (although from different music genres)

    Anne: Thanks for playing! Now what the hell is an aerobiologist? I’m intrigued.

  5. TNEmily says:

    Big haired singer stories are the best to have…

    My mom used to see Crystal Gayle when she worked at the Castner Knott at Church Street Centre, and she was friends with the lady that sold hose to Dolly’s sister – Dolly never came to pick them up, she sent her sister, and the story was that Dolly would wear a pair of hose once and then toss them away…

    I love retail experience in the Nashville area…

  6. Charla says:

    I’m trying to get mine posted…just trying to find time to (literally) breathe. (World’s worst cold has set in)

  7. Anne says:

    hahhah…aeorbiology is the study of microorganisms in the air. I ran a lab that identified air contaminants like molds and pollens and whatnot for remediation companies and concerned homeowners. It was awesome until I couldn’t do it all myself because of the two little urchins.

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