Take This Marshmallow Peep And Shove It

Dear Pottery Barn Kids:

Please refrain from sending me e-mails about your fab Easter collection in FEBRUARY when I have yet to commit to the sign-up sheet for my 3-year-old’s Valentine’s Day party. You are only fueling my slacker mom insecurities by reminding me I have failed, yet again, to purchase monogrammed basket liners for each holiday.


A Mom Who Can Only Deal With One Holiday at a Time


  1. lynfh says:

    Amen sister. Can’t wait for that Monday party to be behind us. And I’ll be the one to forget to bring the napkins. If hubby was taking them to pre-school last week, I would have never known there WAS a sign-up sheet. I’ve got to get it together before my oldest starts school next year.

  2. Jamie says:

    LYNFH, Caitlin starts kindergarten in ’07 and I don’t know how in the world I’m going to get her to school on time when I can’t get myself to work on time. I will probably have to withhold Dora in the mornings….shudder!

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