Monday Musings

Should grown women wear sweat pants with cutesie words embroidered across the bottom? (no, definitely not me, but observed by me at the grocery yesterday) At least her hair wasn’t up in pigtails.

If you get up an hour before your children wake you really can get ready for the day and have dinner prepped in the slow cooker!

Why is it when you are finally not pregnant or nursing you receive zero invites for New Year’s Eve or Super Bowl parties?

Why is it that only one out of every six baggers at Kroger actually asks if you need help with your groceries?

Do people really buy the vegetable and fruit wash in the spray bottle you see in the produce section? (Call me crazy, but I usually wash mine with just plain water.)


  1. Charla says:

    1. I despise the “booty pants,” so you are not alone.

    2. Why in the world would you get up early? *shudder*

    3. Girl, it’s just one of those things…that SUCK!

    4. You’ve really found one? I don’t like Kroger for that very reason.

    5. Plain water seems to work great for me…as far as I know I haven’t dropped dead from toxic veggies. (I’m sure there are scientists who will argue the benefits of using it, though)

  2. buffi says:

    I bought the spray stuff but I never use it. It’s under the sink with everything else.

    There have never been words on my ass. I see no reason to call attention to that area.

  3. Busy Mom says:

    NO! To #1, and my 80 year old MIL had some on the other day. I will leave you now with that image.

  4. Bluegrass Mama says:

    No, they shouldn’t.

    I suppose it’s possible, but it won’t happen here.

    I’m such a homebody I’d rather stay home for the SuperBowl and New Years Eve. Good thing, since I haven’t been pregnant nor nursed for 20 years.

    I’ve shopped at Kroger for 15 years and I’d guess that I’ve been asked if I need help maybe once. Probably when Emily was a baby (and no, this is not inconsistent with my previous answer).

    I suppose someone buys it. That someone would not be me.

  5. Nancy says:

    OK, I was opposed to the message-on-butt pants before, but Busy Mom’s comment has convinced me that this is DEFINITELY a bad thing. (Besides, I never choose to draw attention to that portion of my anatomy, at least not since I’ve had kids…)

    You really got up an hour before your kids? Willingly? You are my hero. 😉

  6. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Oy. Guilty of number one.. almost. I saw a pair at Target the other day, totally cute and fun with flowers on the bottom of flared jeans. I luffed them.

    Then I realized I’m not twenty, I do not wear hymp neclasces anymore and I have to wear shoes to work.

    SO I didn’t buy them.

  7. Charla says:

    Weird!!!! Today when I got to work a co-worker had left a baby gift on my desk. It was a sweet little pink terry cloth “track suit” with the word princess written across the booty. I thought of this post instantly, and just had to laugh. Booty pants on an infant!

  8. Jamie says:

    Awwww. I’ll admit the booty pants on an infant are too cute. Amelia had a pair of pink “ruffle” booty pants as a newborn and they were especially cute. Could I use the words “cute” or “booty” any more?

    And Mrs. Flinger, if they were at Target…I could perhaps be persauded to at least try them on because I’m unable to resist the hypnotic beam of the big red dot.

  9. Emily says:

    I’m guilty on ONE pair of booty pants. But these are now the infamous “blue pants” that Jack has claimed as his lovey.

    Hubby got the pants for me – we all get NFL apparel every year – this pair says “I HEART Lions” (heart and lions are symbols) on the butt. I would NEVER wear them in public – they are in no way flattering, especially given the size of my tush – but they sure are comfy!

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