Weekend Quotables from Caitlin

Me: Caitlin, would you like your hair up in a ponytail? (as she’s getting ready to go to the local animal shelter with the hubby)
Caitlin: No, the dogs will eat it mommy.
Note: She’s obsessed with puppies lately so the hubby thought she’d like to visit the shelter. This may or may not be a good idea when she realizes she can’t take one home. We are so not getting another dog.

But mommy I can’t eat a turkey dog. Turkey dogs are for breakfast. (This girl can rationalize anything.)

When I get bigger can I do that?
(Watching with fascination as the hubby cleans the bathtub drain.)


  1. Nancy says:

    “Oh yeah, Caitlin, you can do that bathtub cleaning now. Here’s a scrub sponge. And hey, get the toilet while you’re at it.” 😉

  2. Jamie says:

    Honestly she LOVES to clean and help around the house. I am not kidding. Now when she’s actually old enough to help clean the bathroom she’ll probably be so over that.

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