Stream of Consciousness Freaky Friday

had to postpone our date night tonight because I’m aching all over and feeling feverish and I hate that because we haven’t had a date night in a long time and the last time I had a cold and the point of date night is to go out and not curl up in bed with an old quilt wearing layers of flannel so I stayed in all day and didn’t even shower and just laid around and drank OJ and then I went out to the mailbox and stepped in dog poop and for dinner I was craving a vegetable plate from my favorite meat ‘n three and the hubby volunteered to pick it up so I called to place our order and because it’s “catfish night” (life in the South) the only vegetables they had were baked potatoes, white beans, and cole slaw so I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with fries and the fries were undercooked and the hubby tells me I look like I need to rest and he heads over to his office around 10 to lock up and the baby wakes up crying at 10:05 Gonna go get in bed now with the old quilt.


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