She’s Baaaaaack: Return to the Office Day II

It’s official. I’m getting a new computer at work. Yea. Old Bessie locked up again several times today so I am excited to start working on an upgraded system. (You know…one that was made this MILLENNIUM.) Amelia had a much better experience at daycare today and spent more time crawling, pulling up, cruising, exploring, and playing than she did crying and wondering where the heck mommy was. Oh, and eating. Apparently she loves the daycare menu. I have to admit it’s been nice to have a cumulative 18 hours without wiping any bottoms. Everyone at work is potty trained. BONUS!


  1. Lucinda says:

    Good luck back at work. I know that’s tough, but I’m sure it will get easier as everything becomes more familiar to your daughter.

  2. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Sounds like things are settling in for you AND Amelia–great news! LOL that everyone at work is potty-trained.

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