Tomorrow is Another Day

The last song I heard in the car this morning and the first song I heard going home this evening was the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps.” I’m not sure what karma that was supposed to infuse in my soul the first day back into the office but I did do a little car groovin’ even if the lyrics are completely idiotic. The hubby and I went together to drop the girls off at daycare and the morning commute went smoothly and I was actually in my office by 8:15 to kickstart Old Bessie (my prehistoric computer). I finally gave in to my mother’s instinct and called daycare about 10:30 to check on Amelia. I have a reputation as being one of the non-worrisome moms at daycare (if they only knew!) so I didn’t want to call too early. Her teacher then told me Amelia was having a “rough time” and had been crying quite a bit and crawling to the doors (not good imagery to share with me). I then cried my eyes out at my desk for a good ten minutes (just long enough to wash away my eye makeup and turn my face and chest red and blotchy.) I had a lunch meeting with my boss and a co-worker at this place, although someone went a little too wild with the Teriyaki sauce on my order. Luckily Amelia is only going half days all week and was happy as a clam once she got home with her grandmother at 1 (she was literally squealing with happiness in the background when I called home in the afternoon). Poor baby is quite the mama’s girl and she’s never been watched by anyone but family, except for one babysitter stint. I have to admit I enjoyed being back in the office, though, and 5 p.m. arrived quickly because I was so darn busy. It was just hard on the littlest love of my life, and that hurts big time.

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