Happy Poopday Papa

I Almost Ate WHAT?!

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Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and he spent a good hour of it watching Amelia while I steamcleaned poop out of the carpet. God bless grandparents! I was letting Amelia “air out” in the den sans diaper. She had had her morning poop so the ETA of a secondary poop seemed to be in the distant future. She was happily standing and playing with her giganto block activity center and I sat down at the breakfast bar to check e-mail. I glanced over and thought it was odd that she was about to put a mushy graham cracker into her mouth when I realized it wasn’t a graham cracker. I jumped about 8 feet to intercept her “must put everything in my mouth, even my own freshly churned poop” instinct. Then I saw the explosive blowout on the floor, complete with carrot chunks. She was standing in it and was mashing it into the carpet with her bare feet like a little Italian woman mashing grapes. OY! One bath, one carpet cleaning session (thank God we got a steam cleaner for Christmas), and one clean baby later I realized that I’d made it to child #2 without having a poop on the carpet incident and I swelled with pride. Do they have medals for that?


  1. R*belle says:

    ROFLMAO! You do deserve a medal! Actually two, one just for having to endure what you endured yesterday! SheesH!

  2. Kristen says:

    I consider myself VERY lucky that my kids never went through the phase where they put everything including poop into their mouths! We had other great phases, though…like screams that broke glass and refusing to eat solid foods. I guess every kid has their quirk!!

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