Amelia Scopes Out Her New Digs

I am trying desperately to get into the swing of things in the mornings oh, say before 9 a.m. as next week I escape return to the office four days a week and I need to start regularly applying makeup and washing my hair. The hubby went into work early today so I loaded the girls up around 9 to drop Caitlin off at daycare. I decided that Amelia and I would scope out her room and visit with her teacher. There are only three other babies in the room, which I like. I know the teacher, as her son is in the four-year-old classroom adjacent to Caitlin’s. I sat Amelia down on the floor and she made a beeline for the toys. She also crawled to her teacher and pulled up on her and tried to give a 6-month-old baby a hickey on her bald head (the baby was “visiting” from the infant nursery). Of course there was the obligatory green snotty nose kid, but he didn’t attempt to touch Amelia and she stayed clear of him. Good girl.

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  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Avoiding snotty nosed kids has to be the first rule of daycare! I hope the transition goes smoothly for everyone.

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