Caitlin Gets a Brand New Do

Enjoying TCBY After Her Haircut

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We took Caitlin to my hairdresser yesterday. It was her first “salon” experience and she was so excited she didn’t nap before her appointment (like I’m surprised, as she usually never naps on weekends unless she’s fallen asleep in the late afternoon watching a movie or in the car where she’s been lulled to sleep by the noise and movement and the extra lap I make with the car to ensure she’s truly passed out). Miss Hairdresser met us with a smile and asked if she was shampooing Caitlin’s hair in her bubbly hairdresser voice. I could tell from Caitlin’s sudden inability to speak and the way she clung to the hubby’s leg like a scared puppy that we’d be lucky if we got out of there with her hair actually cut. The only way she would consent to the haircut was for the hubby to hold her in his lap while he sat in the salon chair, which was actually kind of cute. We also reminded her that we were going to TCBY afterwards. It’s amazing how Caitlin can be so extroverted at times, and revert to insecure leg clinging the next. But I think all the bright lights, huge mirrors, and adults walking around wearing black freaked her out a bit. The hairdresser whipped out the blue kiddie ocean theme smock but Caitlin wasn’t impressed. She even offered to put lipgloss on Caitlin when the hair massacre was finished but Caitlin was ready to head to TCBY as promised. She was very proud of her new “do,” though, and afterwards asked if Miss Hairdresser had colored her hair like mama’s. I guess she associates the salon with mama coming home blonde. Ha! When I told her she hadn’t colored her hair she corrected me… “oh mama, she did color my hair a lot.” I know I’ll rue the day that we took her to the swanky salon instead of Supercuts.


  1. R*belle says:

    HAHA! Haircut time is awful for us, Beaux only tolerates it if he can eat a sucker and be a big slobbery mess the whole time. Hopefully Bella will do a better job, but right now her hair stands up ina billion different directions, so what do you do?

  2. Jamie says:

    She clung to her red Beanie Baby bear the entire time. And I kept reminding her about TCBY and ICE CREAM! Bribery with food…works every time.

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