Morphing From Mommy to Mom

The “M” word. There’s nothing sweeter to a mother’s ears than to hear her child say mama for the first time. For weeks I was thrilled when Caitlin the baby appeared to be saying mama when she quipped “mo, mo, mo,” but my hopes were dashed when it became obvious she was saying “more, more, more” because she always repeated this little ditty while banging her sippy cup on the refrigerator and looking at us like, “Would you people fix me more juice already?” I was talking to a fellow mommy friend a few weeks ago while our kids played and tormented her dog and she mentioned her 2-year-old had called her mom a few times. Caitlin has also dropped that M word a few times lately. She’s also said “Oh man” and “I’m bummed” which leads me to conclude she’s getting her new 3 going on 13 vocabulary from her friends at daycare. It’s as if some day you have a “Hello, My Name is Mom” nametag that appears on your forehead. I’m hoping she doesn’t outgrow calling me mama or mommy any time soon. We’re still waiting for Amelia to speak her first words, but in the mean time, talkative big sister is making up for her.

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