2005…What I’ve Learned

Rather than post resolutions (and yes, I still need to lose that proverbial last 5 pounds and maybe a tad more post second baby especially since I weaned Amelia during the holiday calorie fest), I thought I’d blog about what I’ve learned this past year, especially as a mom.

Two kids is more “work,” but worth it.
If you’re lucky, you’re second child will be “easier” in some ways than the firstborn.
Planned c-sections versus emergency c-sections rock, recovery wise.
I’m impatient as heck.
Working from home is not quite as easy as it sounds, but is great if you have the opportunity.
Laundry and dishes will pile up no matter what.
Helping your husband expand his business from a one-man show to a full time small company and having two babies within three years is a little insane.
Making time for family takes precedent over work and the family biz.
Making time for you and your husband as a couple is well worth it and may not always be the romantic, loving escapade that you envision.
The blogosphere is a cool place.
True friends will always remains friends even if you don’t see them for 6 months.
Not everyone wants to hear about your adorable children, especially those who do not have children.
You’re not a bad mom if you actually want to continue working outside the home.
Take time for yourself. You can’t be a good mom if you neglect yourself.
God bless and I hope 2006 is a wonderful year for all of you.

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  1. confessionsofabusymom says:

    I think that we all have learned a lot this past year. Hope you have a great 2006!

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