Classic Writing Book Gets a Hip New Look

I write so much about my kids and motherhood, you’d think this was a mom blog or something. Sheesh. I’m a little late to be posting on this gift idea for writer types, but I received the new illustrated Elements of Style by Strunk and White from a fellow editor for Christmas and it’s a great addition to any word nerd’s library. Designer Maira Kalman, whose work has graced a Kate Spade bag and fabrics by Isaac Mizrahi as well as the cover of The New Yorker, has illustrated this new 2005 version and it’s worth checking out.

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  1. Tanya says:

    I think Changing the style or way of writing and the cover of your book is also a good way to attract other book readers. I suggest try to lay out different prototype designs first and do a survey and see which one will get the most attention.

    “Tanya” for sac isotherme 

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