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We’d been on the interstate all of 10 minutes yesterday when our car’s check engine light came on, Caitlin announced she had diarrhea and began yelling for us to pull over, the baby began crying, it started pouring down rain, and I realized I had not packed a bottle for the baby. Luckily we only have to drive about 40 miles to visit our families. I admire all of you who must travel during the holidays. The girls are worn out and I have anal retentively thrown away every bit of wrapping paper and packaging in the house that Amelia could get her grubby little baby fingers on and ingest. The hubby and I are ready for a nice glass of wine. The girls had a wonderful Christmas, despite being a little under the weather (the baby later had an explosive diaper incident at Mimi and Peepaw’s, which culminated in a rather cute Christmas Eve bath in the utility room sink which she LOVED). If I can get a picture of them in their matching hot pink snowman girly diva pjs from Target, I will post it.

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