There’s a Tear in My Deer

Caitlin is on this kick where she expresses her burning desire to go to the store every evening after pickup at daycare. She just went with her Daddy Tuesday and they picked up her 2-gallon apple juice fix for the week so I was trying to explain (yes, I know it’s impossible to argue with a 3-year-old) last night that we didn’t need anything from the store and we were going straight home. “But mama, daddy needs a deer. We need to get daddy deer at the store,” she says, trying to reason with me. For a split second I’m envisioning some reindeer Christmas decoration at the grocery store and then I realize she means beer.

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  1. Nicole says:

    That was really amusing if I were in your part. That was a cute experience. I can’t help it to smile upon realizing that your 4 year old child is referring for a beer and you mistakenly understood it as a deer. I think you have to understand what our child language are or maybe you yourself should also took a second thought. Why your husband will need a deer? I like your experience. Thank you for making me smile.


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