Hey Lady in Line at TJ Maxx

The next time you are shopping on a busy pre-Christmas weekend, please refrain from returning the handbag you are purchasing TWICE to the handbag area because you cannot make up your mind about a $19.99 purse while a mother waits patiently in the checkout line behind you with a 3-year-old who is at her bursting at the seams endurance level for shopping and has even let her mommy convince her that she doesn’t need the cute poodle princess set, complete with toy brush, she’s picked out and lovingly held and gazed at while mommy shopped because mommy has to gather ideas for Santa Claus and she can’t buy any toys right now. Luckily for the cashier and the scatterbrained woman I was in an excellent frame of mind, having been let loose in TJ Maxx for 45 minutes with an agreeable Caitlin who was excited to look at all the Christmas decorations and toys.

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