Hallmark Tugs on My Heartstrings

We were watching yet another Charlie Brown Christmas special last night (who knew there were two?) Thankfully both Tivo, thanks to the hubby’s insight, and the backup Tivo system known as grandma (my mom) pulled through so we didn’t miss it or, even worse, catch it mid-broadcast because now that we have Tivo Caitlin thinks we can automatically rewind and play every show on TV. Not good. A Hallmark holiday commercial comes on and at first it appears to be two young women in the kitchen, friends or roommates maybe, talking in the kitchen while they are cooking. Then the camera closes in on the “older” woman’s face and she has some sort of flashback to a little girl talking to her and then WHAM fast forward to the present and you realize that this is a mother and her teenage daughter and the mom is remembering her daughter as a child and making cookies together. I was giving Amelia her bedtime bottle and rocking her to sleep and as soon as it hit me what the ad was all about I lost it. I started crying as if on cue. The hubby looks over at me from the couch and says, “Wow, Hallmark would be pleased with your reaction.” Any way, if you want a good cry, the ad, along with others, can be viewed here. There have to be other moms out there who cried at this commercial. Admit it.


  1. Eliza says:

    I love this Charlie Brown Christmas it reminds me a lot o my family because we usually let our kids watch this movie every Christmas. For its cute story i really missed them so much specially now that they have grown up already. I could’t think of any movie that my family love to watch every family day.


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  2. Eloise lynch says:

    Hey that was actually me in that commercial I played the little girl I’ve been looking for the video everywhere and can’t seem to find it.im glad you liked it tho 🙂

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