The Kinder, Gentler Smoke-Free Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise’s “Goodnight Moon,” a children’s bedtime classic (we have the board book version), has been doctored a bit by publisher HarperCollins. For the hardback version of the book’s 60th anniversary the publisher digitally altered the photograph of illustrator Clement Hurd on the book jacket, removing the cigarrette from his hand. The New York Times published this hilarious piece on it’s op-ed page Sunday in which writer Karen Karbo takes the publisher’s digital eraser to a new level, ensuring the book is childproofed for a new [paranoid] generation. It’s hilarious! A website has already been launched in protest.


  1. Busy Mom says:

    You know, I probably read “Goodnight Moon” every single day when I was a child. I have no recollection of ever looking at the smoking picture, and, if I did, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have caused me to sya, “Hey, I think I’ll puff on a Kool since the ‘Goodnight Moon” guy does it.” I love that site.

  2. doris Renfro says:

    Goodnight Moon article regarding the smoking picture… mentioned a website protesting the change Harper Collins made to the photo of Hurd with a cigarette. In your link and a link from another site, I am taken to a Chinese site, with Chinese writing. Has the site changed? Do you experience the same problem?

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