Tennessean Christmas A La 1982

We have my childhood Wurlitzer upright piano in our dining room. My mother bought it for me in February 1978 at The Claude P. Street Piano Company for $1,090 (she gave me the original paperwork last year for my files…no I don’t have a memory like a steel trap, although my husband does.) Founded in 1914, Claude P. Street Music was based on 8th Avenue North in downtown Nashville. Their Rivergate area store is still open as far as I know. I have all my sheet music from childhood stored in the piano bench and I was looking through it last weekend because I wanted to play Jingle Bells for the girls, even though the piano is overdue for a tunin’ and my voice was cracking and unrecognizably husky from the crud. I found this Christmas songbook advertising insert from the December 5, 1982 Tennessean. Click on the photo to see an ad for an Odyssey 2 video game system on sale at the Allen & Bean Showcase at 100 Oaks Shopping Center. I was more of an Atari girl back then. Any way, I’m glad I saved it to look at the “retro” (God, am I that old?) ads if nothing else.

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  1. Mama says:

    Jamie, I can remember over and over again you telling me you did not want this piano. See what memories are coming back. Mama is a saver. You even said sell it. I absolutely would not.
    Jimmy, Laurie and Beth were able to go to private school since we lived in Nashville. When I moved to the country. Struck out on my own. I tried to think of something I could for you that was special.
    Piano Lessons came to mind.
    Remember when we lived in Nashville and you were about Caitlin’s age I took you for ballet lessons.

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