Scrapbooking Goes Digital

Santa Encounter 2003

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I got caught up in the Creative Memories craze a few years back and enjoyed it…at least long enough to do a scrapbook on our Key West honeymoon and spend a ridiculous amount of money. After Caitlin was born the volume of photos we were taking multiplied because we were so enamored with our new baby girl. Then I discovered digital scrapbooking via a traditional paper scrapbook website and was hooked. Digital scrapbooking is becoming more popular and you don’t have to lug around lots of paper supplies and stickers and pens and fancy schmancy scissors and cutters. There are several digital scrapbook designers who offer free papers, ribbons, letters, basically anything you would find in paper format. One of my favorite digital designers is Shabby Princess. Her website showcases her incredible talent (and offers digital scrapbook kits for sale and for free). Oh, and you don’t have to use PhotoShop (which still intimidates me and I used to do layouts in QuarkXpress in my sleep). I use Microsoft Picture It to create layouts. This layout on Caitlin’s first trip to see Santa (my dad drove Santa in the Pegram parade which is another story) is very simple and one of the first I made. I still print my favorite pics for albums because I like the tactile feel of flipping through a good ole photo album. Being the computer geek and digital photography nut that I am, it’s the perfect hobby for me.


  1. Busy Mom says:

    How funny, I just brought in (from the front porch) my “guilt-induced” Creative Memories order, I’d much rather scrap my pictures digitally, but my friends think I’m a freak.

  2. Dana Conway says:

    We are looking for some digital designers for our software program. I would love to see some more of your work – is it posted somewhere?

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