Sarah Jessica’s Boy – Bully Material

“This poor kid is going to get beat up,” were my thoughts when I read this quote from Sarah Jessica Parker in USA Today: “My son loves taking evening strolls. He always asks, ‘Will you take an evening stroll with me?’ ” Parker says over breakfast at her local Italian trattoria.

What 3-year-old boy really says things that? The 3-year-old boys at Caitlin’s daycare are more interested in shoving than strolling. And, it gets better (worse). Apparently James Wilkie loves to dress up like the Beatles. The kid has great taste in music but he’s just asking for a whoopin’ on the playground. Of course, they live in New York, not Nashvegas, and I’m sure he has the nanny patrol watching over him like a hawk. I’m one to talk about kids and their colorful imaginations. Caitlin was pretending to be a rooster this weekend and told me last week that she wants to be a cow for Halloween.

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