Fa La La La La La La La Blah

I’ve got Christmas spirit, yes I do, I’ve got Christmas spirit, how ’bout you?

I’ve been working on my list and checking it twice, singing Christmas carols to the girls while banging on our out of tune Wurlitzer that was my childhood piano, playing the Raffi Christmas tape my sister sent me (it was my niece and nephew’s tape and now my niece is a freshman at Vandy and my nephew is in high school), and hiding Santa gifts. I’ve ordered our Christmas cards and I’ve even bought those cute Christmas cookie stamps. So…what is the problem with the decorating, or lack thereof? I’m not really feeling any pressure or anything, really. My best friend Amy put up her tree Saturday, my mother-in-law has put up a tree, and our neighbors have decorated. I might add that our neighbor is also a contendor for one of the best decorated holiday lawns in Nashvegas. I kid you not! It’s like living next to our own private Dollywood. So our house sits, a little dark brick domicile, in the shadow of aforementioned neighbor’s winter wonderland, with a welcome fall garden flag by the front walk and a Halloween pumpkin doormat. The problem is, all our decorations are in the attic and it is no small feat to get all the boxes and our huge artificial tree unloaded. The hubby and I are actually going to have to coordinate our schedules to make it work. Plus, we’ve both had (have) the crud and he’s short staffed at the shop. As long as we have the tree up by the weekend before Christmas I won’t feel bad. The baby is going to try to pull it down any way! I’ve got the spirit, I just need a Christmas coach.

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