First Pumpkin Pie

Amelia’s First Thanksgiving

Originally uploaded by jamiereeves.

Amelia tasted bona fide table food at Grandma’s house — sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie — for her very first Thanksgiving meal. Hopefully she will not turn into a picky eater like big sister, who ate grilled chicken, grapes, and pumpkin pie. I dressed the girls alike for photos with their baby cousin at their Mimi and Peepaw’s and thought that was a great idea until Caitlin spilled juice on her dress and Amelia spit up cranberry sauce at lunch (and still somehow managed to get dirty despite wearing a huge bib). I also wore a white sweater (duh) and Amelia spit up pumpkin pie all over me. By the time we got to my inlaws’ house we looked a Turkey Day mess but I camoflauged it by converting this photo to black and white.

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