My Girls Will Not Be Getting This from Santa

For the little girl who has everything, how about a $35,600 play house for the back yard? PoshTots has some of the cutest and most expensive kids’ stuff I’ve seen. Their Tumble Outpost costs almost as much as our first condo!

Caitlin has been designing her ideal backyard playground in her imagination for a few weeks. I think this interest was piqued by our neighbor constructing a tree house for his 5-year-old. So now when we drive through our neighborhood or to the grocery she scopes out back yards for swing sets and other pre-school “keeping up with the Joneses” type equipment. Caitlin wants a “string” slide (not sure what this is…anyone want to interpret that for me?) and a rainbow. That’s the beauty of being 3. Nothing is too outlandish or outside the realm of your imagination. While you’re at it, Caitlin (aka dream backyard designer) throw in a hot tub for mama and daddy.

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