Let Dirty Dishes and Sleeping Kids Lie

I’ve been gone most of the day and the house looks a wee bit chaotic. I was just surveying our breakfast bar contents…a mountain of cassette tapes that I had to listen to for a work project, GermX hand sanitation gel, a Nerds rope (leftover Halloween candy my significant other got into after dinner…I managed to throw out all the Tootsie Rolls before I ripped out a filling), a Kraft magazine snowman cake recipe I clipped and showed to Caitlin and that I must make with her during the holidays because the main ingredient is Oreo cookies, a cell phone, our digital camera, econo size can of formula, checkbook, check to photographer for the girls’ portraits that I promised I would mail this week, a pint of Mayfield Turtle Tracks ice cream I set out to thaw, baby cereal, etc. You get the picture. The anal retentive part of me is itching to straighten up, but the sensible part of me says, “Hey, it’s past 10 o’clock and it can wait until morning.” Besides, no sane parent would risk waking their sleeping babes just to scratch a housekeeping itch. Whew. Wanna help me clean the house tomorrow?

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