M Diddy…She Can’t be Good at Everything

Well, I was afraid this would happen. Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show on NBC has been cancelled. I think Martha is just taking too much on. I really like this show, although apparently not enough viewers did. I just started watching The Donald’s Apprentice this year, too. It’s amazing how Tivo opens up your TV viewing possibilities. I think I related to Martha’s show because she’s in the publishing business and I loved watching the misfit creatives (gotta love wacky bi-polar Jim) battle it out with the corporate pr types. Between this and Arrested Development’s cancellation by FOX, Alan and I will just have to hold out for 24’s return (in January…I think). Ironically, I just burned a pancake while trying to type this entry. Maybe Martha isn’t mean enough on the show. I have to admit her polite “I’m sorry, you just don’t fit in” rejections and thank you notes at the end of each show get on my nerves. At least The Donald is direct. Martha, you’re fired.

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