Organic Mama Marketing

I ventured outside my grocery comfort zone and went to Harris Teeter today with Amelia. I’m a Kroger mama tried and true, but they had fresh salmon on sale (yum). It was a successful shopping trip, meaning I spent less than $100. And, is it just me, or are non-Kroger employees ten times friendlier than Kroger employees? The checkout girls had a fit over Amelia and even the manager talked to her. Everyone was so friendly I blew off the fact that the cashier thought Amelia was a boy. I am a marketing exec’s dream — I will buy something based solely on packaging — and I bought my first box of organic baby cereal. I also justified it because the regular baby food was on sale. I could say my children only eat organic foods, but I’d be lying. We’re usually at the McDonald’s drive-thru every weekend. Here’s a description of the cereal from the Earth’s Best website. What cracks me up is the babies are toiling away in the (rice?) fields and wearing cloth diapers with pins. I don’t know much about cloth diapering, but I know that today’s cloth diapers ain’t your mama and my mama’s variety. My friend Kaye has used them and I’ve researched them enough to know they come in a variety of fabrics and have nifty velcro tabs. The box has all these wonderful adjectives – best, organic, excellent, easily, perfect, and No GEI (like I even know what that is). Of course Amelia will probably have an adverse reaction to something so healthy and have a blow out diaper or break out in hives!

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