Slave to Target?

There are women who admit their addiction to Target openly on the Web. Check out the Slave to Target blog link. I wouldn’t say I’m a slave to Target, but I have swiped many a debit card there and I registered on their Club Wedd and baby registries. I do have a gripe about Target, though, and it’s something I learned just a few weeks ago. They do not price match their online prices to their store prices. I found a booster seat for Caitlin that was on clearance online at a great price but was out of stock online. I called our nearest Target to find it was in stock and they held one at the customer service area. (Just guess where this is going.) We loaded both girls in the car to purchase this booster seat only to find that it rings up full price at the store. The cashier then told me I could buy it online at the store kiosk, which was just a few steps away. Grrrrrrrrr. It’s OUT OF STOCK online, first of all, and second, why couldn’t the store match their own advertised online price? And what the heck is the point of ordering a product at the in store kiosk if I have to then wait for it to be shipped to my home? I sure as heck didn’t want to pay for shipping and handling. I did get a nice “form” e-mail from Target customer service when I complained via their website. I haven’t been back to Target since. Hmmph. Luckily Caitlin is at the age where she is easily distracted and you can come up with some wild-hair reasoning for why mama made a big deal out going to look at a big girl booster seat only to come home empty handed or I would have really been irate.

Alan was surprised that Target does not price match. He buys a lot of hardware and parts from online vendors and sometimes retailers like Circuit City and he’s always been impressed with Circuit City’s online shopping. Just enter your local Circuit City zip code on their website to see if an item is in stock. They even have a new 24 minute/$24 policy to stand behind their customer service. Buy any qualifying item online or on the phone and they guarantee it will be ready for pickup in 24 minutes or you get a $24 shopping card. Click here to read about it.

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