There’s No Stopping Her Now!

Hi mommy!

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Amelia, who turns 7 1/2 months old this week, has discovered the joys of crawling. She will sit still for a minute, but then she surveys the lay of the land (living room) and off she goes. Of course she is attracted to our glass front TV cabinet. I am excited for her and her newfound freedom, but it’s also got me a little down. I’m working from home with her here until the end of January and it’s a great big Post It note reminder stuck to my subconscious that she’s growing up. Still, it’s so fun to watch this girl go! Caitlin was always content to just sit and play and really only crawled for a very short while at a much later age. (she pulled up on her 11-month birthday and walked at 13 months) So this is a whole new ballgame in mobility for us. It’s also a reminder that these two girls will more than likely be very different. Amelia has her own mannerisms. She has a cute dimple and makes this funny little whistling noise through her lone-tooth grin. She’s never been fond of a pacifier and it took almost three years to get Caitlin to forget the “foofie” (and even now she will sometimes talk about it like it was a long-lost friend.) This first year of babyhood goes by so fast and maybe I’m just feeling a little sad that the second half of that year is already here.

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