Houston’s Is Toast

We drove down West End Avenue today to see the Shrine Circus and Houston’s restaurant is completely GONE. It’s been bulldozed. I knew it was closing, but wasn’t prepared to see a big pile of rubble. I went there for junior prom in 1986. Rio Bravo on West End, almost directly across the street has also been bulldozed (I just read in the City Paper it will now be site of a Stoney River Steaks). It will be interesting to see if Houston’s will be replaced with another restaurant or an office building. I will miss Houston’s as well as Blue Moon Waterfront Cafe, which closed earlier this year. The Cooker on West End also closed this year (I enjoyed a lot of lunch hours on West End with my Brat Pack friends when I worked at Vanderbilt) and is now a J Alexanders.


  1. brother jimmy says:

    With all these eateries being bulldozed – I thought I would recommend a good restaurant that I have eaten at twice now. It is a French place called Bistro something – it is in Green Hills Mall area at the entrance to the movie theatre – I normally avoid mall restaurants like the plague – but this place is moderately priced and very good and has outdoor seating – a great place for movie and dinner….
    the chicken crepe with fruit is most yum….

  2. Nohell says:

    Houstons is gone? The Cooker is gone? Rio Bravo is gone? Where is my Nashville? I have so many memories from all those places. No more chicken fried chicken at the Cooker. No more Houstons after Sunday church. James Brown, remember going to Rio Bravo for margaritas before a Jimmy Buffet concert many years ago? Remember the famous quote from the parking lot? “I’m peeing in the parking lot. I’m not an animal.” We don’t have to tell who said it. Maybe we should blame it on Travis.

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