Life Through the Eyes of a 3-year-old

One of the great benefits of motherhood is living with someone who reacts to ordinary daily life with the excitement of someone who is learning something new every day. I think as we grow older, we tend to grow more jaded, more pessimistic, more cynical. Sure, we’re wiser, but we’re also more stressed out with more debt and deadlines.

Every day Caitlin reminds me of how children view the world with such newness. When I got home from the grocery store yesterday she bounded out of the house, eyes big and brown and exlaimed “Mama, you got bread and apple juice!” as if I’d brought home a new tricycle or a puppy. If we get stuck in traffic, I get annoyed and glance at the dashboard clock but she takes it as an opportunity to look around at houses, buildings, birds, dogs, signs. We went out for ice cream this week one evening after dinner and she was giving me a play-by-play of all the busy lights as we drove by the mall. ” Look mama, beautiful lights! Look at the beautiful red and green lights. Oh….they’re beeyoootifull.” I realized she was looking at a Pizza Hut sign.

I hope as her mom I can continue to encourage her to look at the world fresh and new. I hope she stays this way as long as possible.

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