Happy Fall


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Just playing around with our online photo gallery which links to this blog. I took Caitlin and Amelia to get outdoor portraits made last Friday. The weather was gorgeous. It was extremely nervewracking trying to get a 3-year-old and a squirmy 7-month-old to sit still on a big flat rock in the middle of a creekbed without flinging themselves into the shallow water but I think the photographer got some good shots. I was pretty proud of myself as a mom that morning for pulling us all together and making it to the photo session at 9:30 a.m. because 1. we had NO electricity that morning from some bizarre reason and 2. Caitlin was in a bad mood and 3. it was a good 30-minute drive to where we were going. Amelia is not crawling yet but is so close. She tried eat leaves the entire time and Caitlin was a little unenthusiastic about holding her baby sister but I think there are some pictures of Caitlin kissing Amelia on the cheek. I’ve never had their pictures made together professionally, so I’m excited about seeing the proofs. Alan’s office gave us a gift certificate for the portrait sessions, which I thought was a great gift idea, especially for second-time parents who don’t need another three-pack of onesies.

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