Dog Humor Lost on Co-workers

Don’t ever let your co-workers know that you are temporarily distracted during a conference call because your dog is “humping†her back and hind end on your office chair because her back and hind end itch. All I have to say is they are all mostly dog owners so they should know that when a dog has got an itch, it has an itch. I guess I should think before I speak next time. That would be a good mantra. And “hump†was probably not the best verb choice. But hey. It’s Monday morning and someone has got to have a sense of humor out there.


  1. brad mabry says:

    So which of your two beasts was reponsible for humping you during your conference call? Of course my immediate guess would be to lay all the blame on Jack since he’s a male, but then I have to also consider the inherent perversity of Bailey the Big-Eared Turnfoot Bitch.

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