Chattanooga Choo Choo


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Here’s Caitlin ready to hit the road as we leave Chattanooga. I think this really captures the essence of being a kid…Hi-C juice box, conductor’s hat, and baby doll tucked under her arm.
We had a great time and I highly recommend a visit to the Tennessee Aquarium to see the new Ocean Wonders building (where else can you pet sharks and see a butterfly garden?) We ate breakfast at the tres cool Aretha Frankenstein’s which has been mentioned on the Food Network. But do not go without expecting to wait for a good bit. Probably not the best place to take small children, but I was hell bent on going there as we’d eaten at the Holiday Inn the evening before. Their double decker biscuits were honestly the prettiest biscuits I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve seen a few biscuits, thank you very much. They also had a very cool tile floor in the bathroom. I helped Caitlin go potty three times so I became intimately familiar with the bathroom interior during our dining experience.

The downtown area was very clean and pedestrian friendly…lots to do for families with an outdoorsy type feel thanks to the close proximity of the river. We spent Sunday afternoon at Coolidge Park, where Caitlin rode on a carousel. The carousel, actually the carousel music, took me back to family trips as a child to Opryland. We also shot some much overdue family video. (well, Alan did primarily) I eyeballed a few adult friendlier restaurants I’d like to go back and visit with the husband if we decide to do an overnighter without the girls some weekend.

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