• My Girls,  Parenting

    When You Least Expect It

    Yesterday was the final day of the holiday school break for Miss C, otherwise known as “Ha, ha parents! You must deal with another Monday ALL ON YOUR OWN suckahs!” We were all a little worn for wear, like the back of your neck when you can’t quite get the itchy tag shirt to stop annoying you. Miss C had her first dance class of the year and despite the fact that I read every book to be found in the waiting area to her, Miss A grew increasingly grumpy. She was that end of day weary 3-year-olds get that you don’t dare verbally acknowledge unless you want to be accosted…

  • Bad Hair Days,  Parenting

    Like Jerry Springer, Minus The Flying Hair Extensions And F Bombs

    We’ve entered a new phase of parenting, and it’s not an especially helpful or cute phase that you want to scrapbook like “my children will fetch me a cold drink from the refrigerator” or “my children will scratch my back on demand.” It’s incessant fighting and I don’t like it one bit. I’m just not sure how to handle it without losing my own temper. Perhaps it’s because I never experienced this as a child, being considerably younger than my older siblings. Perhaps it’s because I have two girls. Perhaps it’s just bad luck. Perhaps it’s because we’re all spiking estrogen at the same time and the moon is in…

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