Five-Minute Chocolate Fondue

easy chocolate fondue recipe

Welcome to my annual 15 Minutes to Fabulous series! Over the next few weeks I’ll feature some fantastic guest writers. Let’s face it, give a busy woman 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and she can conquer the world…or at least 15 minutes of it! Today’s guest blogger is Debbie Cunningham, a fabulous jazz singer from Franklin, Tennessee. Please follow Debbie on Twitter and Facebook.

As an entertainer you’d think I would have “entertaining” down to an art form. I do …on stage in front of 1000 people! At home, however, I am always looking for something fabulous to make that doesn’t require specialty ingredients or all day to cook. I’m an every day food kind of girl but I do want my guests to feel that I spoil them at least just a little when they come over. So my go-to lavish dessert is Chocolate Fondue. It’s a guest favorite at my house. As a songwriter and for a little fun, I actually wrote a song about women and their love of chocolate. That song continues to be one of my fan favorites and I think you’ll find this recipe gives you a few fans of your own!


½ Cup heavy whipping cream

1 Cup (8oz) Bittersweet or Semi-sweet Chocolate chopped in small pieces.  (You may use chocolate chips. My favorite is Ghirardelli Bittersweet. You can use any good quality dark chocolate and chop into small pieces)

Place chopped chocolate in a heat resistant bowl.

In a small saucepan, heat cream to a simmer-just before boiling. Immediately, remove from heat and pour cream over chocolate. Let stand a minute to melt chocolate. Then stir continually with a wire whisk until smooth and glossy.

To Serve: ladle chocolate fondue onto plates with an assortment of fresh

Sliced fruits: strawberries, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, raspberries and pound cake or angel food cake.

TIP: This can be used as Hot Fudge over ice cream or Chocolate Ganache over cake too.  Oh and always wear a fabulous apron!

Debbie Cunningham is a jazz recording artist. Her style is romantic & soulful. For free music downloads including the Chocolate Song go to



Fall Fashion Forecast From Belk

Belk evening

Me with my fellow fashion loving peeps! Katie (far left) from Effortless Style and Anicka (center) from Moxie Media. We’re also all members of Nashville Femfessionals.

Belk is one of my favorite department stores and our Nashville area Belk at Cool Springs Mall is fantastic. I worked with Belk on my fun Valentine’s Day post so I was excited to meet up recently with the Nashville fashion blogging scene at a fall fashion forecast event.

The delightful Arlene Goldstein (@BelkFashionBuzz) led the evening and we also were treated to some great wine and appetizers courtesy of Red Pony in Franklin. We all left with some fun leopard goodie bags. I got a gorgeous Jules B statement necklace and one of my favorite beauty items in the bag is Michael Kors Glam Jasmine perfume. It’s my new favorite fragrance!

Belk is all about modern Southern stylish looks and there are three overall looks shaping what you’ll see in Belk this fall, according to Arlene:

His Is Hers - The menswear look is in. This is a textile driven look and tweeds, especially, are hot. Grays, wines, and browns, especially my all-time favorite camel, are hot. Two of my fave patterns – snake and cheetah – are going to be popping up this fall. I loved it when Arlene commented, “cheetah is my favorite color.” Tartan plaid is also in, although of the three patterns she mentioned it’s my least favorite. Arlene mentioned the menswear look inspired by Pharrell Williams and his signature fedora will be an influencing factor. Shirt dresses are also hot as well as the “dressier” athletic look.

Complex Simplicity - This look is all about clean lines with unexpected details. Fall jumpsuits are in (Arlene was wearing gorgeous snakeskin print jumpsuit) and are an extension of the summer romper hot this season. Assymetrical wrap dresses, the clean modern look of leather and high-quality pleather, and the mixing of materials and textiles make up this look.

Rebel Rebel - Think leather and lace, block heel black boots with hardware, and mixing pearls with chains and stacking bracelets. As Arlene says, these are “not your mama’s pearls.” “Be a mix master and rule breaker” this fall.

 Fashion and Style Quote

I loved that Arlene noted that versatility equals value for so many savvy women shoppers now. We want pieces that can be worn a multitude of ways and many women are becoming adept at shopping their closet. “The modern Southern woman likes a completer piece, like the creative cardigan or trophy jacket,” Arlene noted. Think about it, don’t you have that one fantastic jacket or sweater that you could wear almost daily?

Some of this fall’s most wanted fashion items include:

  • The creative cardigan

  • Novelty vest (an alternative to the jacket and can be worn over sleeveless tops or long-sleeve)

  • Fashion sweatshirt

  • Statement neck

  • Over the knee boots

  • Satchel bag

  • Mixing metals (no matchy matchy jewelry!), with the return of yellow metals and rose gold

I also learned the term shootie, which is a shoe/bootie combo, such as the gorgeous black wedge shoe from Bandolino shown below and the Jessica Simpson shootie (both at Belk.) I’m loving the wedge shootie as it looks super comfy and this mama just can’t do spike heels!

Here’s a Polyvore board I’ve put together inspired by the Belk event. What trends are you liking?

Fall 2014 Trends at Belk

I’m linking up to Fashion Friday, hosted by great blogs like Musings of a Housewife.

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Tips to Make Your Summer Sizzle

Berry Salad Recipe

Baby spinach and fresh fruit is the perfect summer salad!

Welcome to my annual 15 Minutes to Fabulous series! Over the next few weeks I’ll feature some fantastic guest writers. Let’s face it, give a busy woman 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and she can conquer the world…or at least 15 minutes of it! Today’s guest blogger is Franklin, Tennessee’s Dyan Damron from Coach D Consulting. Please follow Dyan on Twitter. She’s appeared on Nashville’s Talk of the Town and on Saturday, July 19, she’s signing copies of her new book at Landmark Booksellers and hosting a fun “book tasting.”

Summer is here, and so begins pool parties, cookouts, cold drinks, and summertime treats.  I have seen a multitude of advertisements recently promoting trendy new food products.  If you’re not careful, a few of these new trends could alter your summer sizzle to a fizzle.  Here are a few offenders and my remedies – all of which take less than 15 minutes – to ensure you sizzle all summer!

Fast Food Makeovers Make Your Summer Sizzle

Berry Pomegranate Premium Fruit Smoothie from Dairy Queen/Orange Julius – This sounds like a health drink and the ads boast “no artificial flavors”.  Too bad they fail to mention the amount of sugar in this bomb.  With 102 grams of sugar in a large, you will have slurped up four day’s worth of sugar.  The Original Orange Julius is even worse – it has 103 grams of sugar!  Swap your own summer smoothie by blending one cup mixed frozen berries, half cup nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice, and half a banana in a blender.

Zensation Zalad from Zaxby’s – Many people think salad is a healthy option, but this packs a whopping 1,165 calories, over half of what you’d need in an entire day.  With 49 grams of sugar, this salad has two day’s worth.  Plus it has more than a day’s worth of sodium.  That certainly doesn’t lend to a “zen” state!  For a summer sizzler swap, make your own salad by topping baby spinach with strawberries and blueberries, goat cheese, sliced almonds, and even add grilled chicken or shrimp.  Make a quick dressing by whisking one-part balsamic vinegar with two-parts extra virgin olive oil.

AM Crunchwrap from Taco Bell – Just one of these little breakfast items has 46 grams of fat, 14 of which are saturated.  That’s a full day’s worth of fat in the palm of your hand, and your day just started.  Instead, make your own wrap by scrambling an egg with bell peppers and Canadian bacon, top with shredded cheese & salsa and wrap in a whole grain tortilla.  Or make a sweet wrap by spreading a whole grain tortilla with peanut butter and wrap it up with a sliced banana, apple, or fresh berries.

By being aware of the summertime hype and recent trends, this can be your summer to sizzle and be fabulous in 15 minutes!  Go to  to see all the ways I can help you and those you love.  Obesity is 100% preventable and it starts with a summer that sizzles!

Do you have tips for healthier food choices this summer?


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