Buh Bye Ordinary Bouquets: Send A Bouq!

Disclosure: Affiliate link used. The Bouqs provided me with a free Bouq in exchange for my honest review. I’ve also signed up for their affiliate plan so if you consider trying their service, I’d love it if you’d sign up through my blog!

I love fresh flowers. As I type this post I have a gorgeous sunny yellow daylily on my desk.

Flowers are a lovely way to infuse a little bit of beauty and nature into your every day blah and boring routine. They also make the perfect gift, whether they’re for expressing your gratitude to a hostess for throwing a kick butt party or celebrating an anniversary, or just to say thanks or YOU ROCK!

The Bouqs (you may have heard of them as they were on Shark Tank) is not your ordinary online flower company. Their flowers are flown fresh straight from eco-friendly farms located on the edge of a volcano. No kidding. Seriously. What other flower company can claim that coolness? A VOLCANO?

The Bouqs has fine-tuned the art of buying flowers online down to a streamlined and seamless process. You can send a Bouq starting at a flat-rate of $40 and shipping is always FREE.

Their new featured bouqets from the California collection offer instant summer sunshine.

Isn’t this arrangement gorgeous?

Classic Sunflower The Bouqs

The Hello Sunshine Bouq

And one more sneak peek at this summer’s limited edition California offering…

Sunflower Flower Arrangement

The Cherry Bombs Bouq

I had a difficult time deciding what flowers to order, but I ultimately chose the XOXO Bouq, which features classic red roses and beautiful pink Cala Lilies. If you can’t make up your mind, they also offer a Just Make It Awesome arrangement that features a surprise grower’s choice selection.

My flowers arrived in a classy black mod print box ready to take out, cut and arrange in a vase from home.

Bouqs Box

The Bouqs Review

The Bouqs offers a wide variety of classy simple bouquets to choose from and that’s it….there are no cheesy motifs like ginormous teddy bears or flower arrangements in giant martini glasses. They deliver straight from the farm so you’re ordering the freshest flowers possible! This means delivery to your recipient’s door is just 2-4 days after the flowers are cut, versus the usual 10-14 days from other online florists.

Buying flowers shouldn’t be a stressful process and The Bouqs’ easy to navigate website makes it very easy to choose the perfect arrangement. You can search by sentiment or type of flower.

Send a lot of flowers or want to shower someone with awesomeness throughout the year? Their Concierge Service is the way to go (plus you’ll get up to a 25% off discount.)

Give The Bouqs a try! I think you’ll love them!


Three Steps To Declutter A Family Room

simple steps to declutter a family roomWelcome to my annual 15 Minutes to Fabulous series! Over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some fantastic guest writers. Let’s face it, give a busy woman 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and she can conquer the world…or at least 15 minutes of it! Today’s guest blogger is Nashville’s Mridu Parikh from Life is Organized. I don’t know about you, but I can always use organizational tips. Please follow Mridu on Twitter and like her Facebook page. Mridu will have you organizing like a “freakin’ pro” in no time! She has a light-hearted approach to organizing that I think, no I know, you’ll love!

Your family room should be one of the most relaxed areas in your home: an inviting space for your family and friends to hang out, chat and unwind. Unfortunately it can also duo as a dumping ground for toys, books, magazines, video games, shoes, clothes and everything else you and your family use.

Good news. You can transform this cluttered space back into your relaxing haven with just a quick spruce up and minimal effort. Just set your timer for 15 minutes. For real. Timers keep you accountable, on track and give you a great satisfaction when that ringer goes off. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done in short, focused bursts of time and energy.

Step #1: Get a laundry basket. Gather anything that does not belong in this room and put it in the basket. I’m talking clothes that should be in your kids rooms, mail that goes in your office, plates that should have never left the kitchen, Barbies that live in the playroom and socks that go in the hamper. No need to distribute these items right now. Just get them piled into your basket so they’re out of your most valuable real estate in the house. Don’t overthink, sort or toss items at this point. Just keep moving for 5 minutes.

Step #2: Separate the remaining items (that do belong in this room) by similar categories, (like books, DVDs, magazines and remotes), and store them away. If you don’t have a dedicated space for these things, like bookshelves or a media console, use individual baskets for storage. Remember, this isn’t the time to go through your stuff and make tough decisions on what to toss and what to keep. Your goal here is to clear space and make this room inviting and useful. You have 5 minutes to pick up and put stuff away.

Step #3: Spend your last five minutes on beautifying your room. There is so much pleasure in walking into a space that simply looks nice. Feel relaxed and invited with fluffed up pillows and a cleared couch. Here’s what you can get done in your home stretch.

  1. Fold and stack your blankets

  2. Re-arrange your throw pillows on the couch or chair they belong to

  3. Pick up everything off the rug

  4. Do a quick wipe down of your coffee table and other large pieces of furniture

  5. Extra credit: Run the vacuum over your rug or carpet for just 60 seconds

Bio: Mridu Parikh is an Organization Life Coach and Simplicity Expert for women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Through her real-life video blogs, on-demand classes and one-to-one coaching, she’ll show you how to get your life and family running smoothly – sans the drama and matchy-matchy bins.

Prepare to get uber motivated and take action with Mridu’s FREE 5-day organizing workshop.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for another great guest post!

Fashion Friday: Must Have Lingerie Basics for Summer

Typically on Fashion Friday I focus on outfits you can see, not the foundation beneath. But, let’s face it. An ill-fitting bra can make or break an outfit or make you look slumpier or frumpier than you really are. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Confession…shopping for, and trying on, bras is one of my LEAST favorite retail therapy excursions. In fact it’s more like retail torture, but if you want your clothes to look and feel great remember that your undergarments are just as important as the accessories and outfit you choose.

I just received a few must have lingerie basics for summer to review. I was in dire need of a new sports bra and I love the Lily of France Sports Bra in navy and hot pink they sent for my review. Not only is it uber comfy and supportive, but it’s reversible so it’s like having two sports bras in one. Featuring moisture wicking fabric, it’s perfect to wear under a t-shirt or tank top or even by itself.

I also received a white smoothing slip from Vassarette which I love and is great to wear in the summer with sheer skirts and dresses, like the one I wore for my niece’s wedding. It’s made with 20% spandex, so it helps give you a smooth and sleek look under clothes. It comes in black as well.

smoothing slip

I was also sent the Vanity Fair Beauty Back full coverage bra in a fun neutral zebra print. I LOVE this bra and it’s my go to bra this summer. It’s incredibly comfortable and well-fitting as well as fun.

Sports Bra Tips

Need some tips for finding the perfect sports bra? Here are some great tips I found from Fitness Magazine.

1. Look for sports bras that encapsulate each breast in a separate chamber; they reduce bounce and support better than simple shelf bras.

2. Try to find sports bras that come in cup and band sizes rather than just small, medium, or large; they usually fit more precisely.

3. Look for strategically placed seams and stitching, which help cushion the breast. (Hate bumpy ridges under a fitted tee? Companies like Isis, Asics, and Champion make seamless sports bras.)

4. Pick high-performance fabrics that wick away sweat to minimize chafing (look for CoolMax or Double Dry).

5. Own a variety of sports bras, and when in doubt, choose a higher-impact bra for a lower-impact sport—never the other way around.

6. Get fitted by an expert. You can find bra fitters at most department stores or lingerie shops.

7. Before buying, jump, swing your arms, and move around. If a bra pokes, rubs, slips, jiggles, constricts your breathing, or bulges, put it back. Also, it should fit on the first hook; as it loses elasticity over time, you’ll need room to tighten it.

8. Rotate your bras and wash them regularly so you can get at least a year’s use out of each one.

I’m linking up to Fashion Friday, hosted by several great must-read blogs such as Musings of a Housewife.


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