Meet Nashville Blogger Jamie Reeves

Jamie in NYC

New York City, 2010, during BlogHer. Photo by the fabulous Amy Allen Clark, Mom Advice

Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I’m a Nashville working mom who loves social media, fashion, travel, and a margarita on the rocks (preferably on the beach.) I launched my blog in 2005 when my younger daughter was in diapers. My first tagline was Blogging Between Deadlines and Diapers Changes but over the years my blog has evolved from one of the first mom blogs to more of a lifestyle blog. Like you, I try to juggle it all – work, motherhood, marriage, car pooling, sports practices, science projects, and hormones.

I have two amazing daughters, Miss C and Miss A. Miss C has played soccer for years and just joined her middle school track team and Miss A is an avid reader, plays the piano and the bassoon, and is an aspiring writer.

Although we live in the suburbs, I’m a country girl at heart. I had pet chickens, read lots of Nancy Drew, and couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license so I could cruise “town” with my friends. I’m a Leo, barely 5 ft. 2, and afraid of heights and opening cans of biscuits. I met my husband in high school and he puts up with my many blonde moments, hence my blog’s name. I am not glamorous or a bimbo.

I blog about everything from parenting to our beloved mutts to whatever else tickles my fancy, from pop culture to poop. I struggle to find 5 minutes of peace and quiet that don’t involve sitting on, or cleaning, a toilet. I’m definitely not at a perfect mom or Martha Stewart. You’ll find more dog hair than DIY at our house!

I enjoy partnering with brands and I reach an audience of moms who wield purchasing power in their households.

Tybee IslandMe and my wonderful family on vacation in Tybee Island, Georgia.

As a professional blogger I’ve been fortunate to work with several consumer oriented national brands and have been invited attend some noteworthy blogger events:




Lee Jeans, Coca-Cola and Stouffers


GE, Hallmark, Nintendo


Honda, Nissan, and Ford

I enjoy sharing our family travel experiences and have reviewed fantastic destinations such as the Westin and Sheraton in gorgeous Los CabosSandestin Golf and Beach Resort, and St. Augustine, Florida, my husband’s old stomping grounds. We’ve also enjoyed local travel with a recent trip to Wilderness at the Smokies and Gatlinburg Falls Resort. Last fall we traveled to Orange Beach, Alabama, for the first time and fell in love with the beaches there.

Social media? I am a fan girl:

  • 6,300 Twitter followers; 1,773 Facebook fans; 4,200 Pinterest followers; 1,285 Instagram followers

  • Former featured blogger on the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Wishing Well blog

  • Contributor to the ADS Security blog

  • P.S. Aeropostale for Kids VIP blog ambassador; Dryel ambassador; Tuesday Morning blogger since 2014

  • Featured in The Digital Mom Handbook, 2011

  • Bulldog Reporter PR University Panelist, Top Mommy Bloggers Tell PR About Hottest Trends, Pitching Tips, and Editorial Hooks, 2011

  • Past Nashville travel mom writer at

I have a journalism degree from Western Kentucky University and I am the local president of Femfessionals Nashville. I have my own freelance consulting and content management business and recently joined the team at Brand Journalists as a franchise writer. I am a jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops kind of mom, although I once got my glamour girl on in Beverly Hills.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Disclosure: I occasionally use affiliate links on my blog, primarily for Amazon and Zulily.

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  1. Susie Dudley says:

    Your husband tells me that you are adept at WordPress. Our website need some corrections (i.e. links that link to nowhere) as well as a few changes I would like to make with that is just text oriented. I have been on our admin site and have managed to do the simple text corrections in the body of the pages but it is the template that I cannot figure out how to do.

    If you were interested in working on these with us, how much would you need per hour?

    I hope we can work something out.

    Thanks, Susie Dudley

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  3. Laura says:

    Hey Jamie,

    Remember those cute t-shirts at Apricot Lane on Highway 100 … before it moved/closed? The ones with the sewn-on appliques such as a cross, flower, peace sign, etc.? Have you written about – or remember – the local mom who makes these? I wore one to a soccer game last weekend and I was mobbed by fellow moms who wanted one. I didn’t know where to send them but thought you might remember them – or know.

    Have a great weekend …


  4. Aaron says:

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  6. EllenE. says:

    Just discovered you by way of pinterest. I hate to open cans of biscuits too! That element of surprise is too much for me. Looking forward to following your blog:)

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  8. Mystery Mike Hennessey says:

    Hi Jamie,

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    I am so excited to share my new music video with you and your readers,

  9. Jamie says:

    Hi there- I was doing a little research on mom bloggers with daughters to reach out to for possible product reviews and had a good chuckle reading your bio as my name is also Jamie, I’m a Leo- 8/2- 40 something.. just 5’2 although I do sometimes stretch it to 5’2 and a half:). Married to my high school sweetheart-27 years now and a country girl at heart:). Sorry if that’s TMI but what are the odds? Reach out to me by email if a product review is in line with your blog. Thanks!

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