The Crutch Chronicles

Being a parent to an athlete means at some point you’ll learn what RICE means besides something that tastes great with chicken.

I’m talkin’ Rest Ice Compression and Elevation people. And hey we’ve made it this many years into the parenting gig without actually needing crutches and for that I am thankful.

After 8 years of playing soccer it was probably inevitable that our travel soccer girl got injured. Her team was scrimmaging against a high school team and during a defensive move she rolled her left ankle. At first I thought it may have been “just” a severe sprain but as the evening progressed it was obvious that she probably had a fracture. Her ankle was swollen beyond recognition and she couldn’t put any pressure on her foot at all. We headed to the doctor immediately the next morning and then to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for xrays.

Miss C has just a couple more weeks of wearing her boot (and a follow-up appointment at Vanderbilt Orthopedics late next week) and then hopefully she’ll be back on the soccer field and stronger than ever for the spring season.. In the mean time, her crutches have gotten blinged out with neon duct tape and she’s collecting new autographs on her boot daily.

Here’s my girl rockin’ her new boot. Not the kind of boot she wanted to wear this fall as she navigates the halls of middle school, but she’s making the best of it!


Send us healing vibes next week as we head back to the orthopedic doctor! This is one brave, tough girl. Go Miss C!


Saturday Girl Power Feel Good Playlist

 colbie try

Love this video and song from Colbie Caillat…great message for tween and teen girls (and their mamas.)

My Current Girl Power Feel Good Playlist (check it out on YouTube):

What songs are inspiring your tween and teen girls these days? (And yes most top 40 songs that my girls view on YouTube are only approved as the “lyrics only” version.)

Happy Saturday!


Let Your Heart Soar As It Will


Let your heart soar as it will quotation

Love this picture I snapped while my younger daughter was bungeeing her heart out Monday during big sister’s travel soccer tournament!

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