Murphy’s Law of Leftovers

...turkey leftovers and turkey tetrazzini to be exact.

recipe fail wine for mom

Shades of Gray (Hair)

cow trampoline lol

Recent conversation with Miss A, my 9-year-old:

“Mom I LOVE Sally’s trampoline. It’s awesome! It’s really old so it’s been jumped on a bunch so the straps are kind of loose and it’s on a hill so it slants and you bite your tongue when you bounce really hard but it’s ok because it’s SO fun.”

There goes any brilliant notion of buying a trampoline any time soon.

The girls would LOVE a trampoline. Do you have a backyard trampoline for your family? Any advice on purchasing one? I know that an enclosed trampoline is a safety must although after the crutch chronicles with Miss C this fall, I’m not sure this mama can handle any variety of trampoline.

A Fall Saturday Full Of Thankful

Fall is my favorite season. There’s something about all the sights and smells and sounds of fall that take me back to childhood. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the holidays, maybe I’m addicted to all things pumpkin. Whatever it is…I’m thankful! Here are some of the things that make my heart smile this fall.

Vintage Buffalo Plaid Coat

Love my dad’s original Woolrich buffalo plaid coat for early morning dog walks with our old man Jack since he can no longer make it through the dog door. It’s the WARMEST. COAT. EVER. No cold shall permeate this classic. Also love the surprise flowers from my husband.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’m thankful that my office is just mere steps away from this gorgeous work of caffeination. Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes and The Well coffeehouse makes a purdy one, dontcha think?

Zoey Fall

Love our girl Zoey and sunny, crunchy leaf backyard days.

Quilt Snuggles

I’m thankful for Friday night under a quilt snuggles.

Looney Tunes Classics

I’m thankful I grew up with Saturday morning classics (sharing them with my 9-year-old this morning thanks to YouTube)


Wine LOL

Wine. Thankful for wine ALL THE TIME…winter, spring summer, or fall.

What are you thankful for this weekend?

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