It Takes Talent to Blow Up Small Appliances Without Trying

Crockpot LOL funny

I’m one of those people who has the talent of bringing unforeseen kitchen calamities to fruition. Although I haven’t set fire to a kitchen (yet), I did manage to blow up our crockpot Sunday. Now this was no ordinary crockpot. I won it at Miss C’s 5th grade middle school fall festival two years ago and it was a gorgeous deep red crockpot. I loved this crockpot. It was shiny and new and full of possibilities.

And now it’s dead.

That’s right. I’m a crockpot killer.

Fall is perfect crockpot weather and we’ve had amazing cool temps at night the past several days so I decided to make beef stroganoff Sunday. I pulled the crockpot out from our cabinet. Like the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, there’s something about breaking out the crockpot that signals fall to me. I hadn’t used our crockpot in a while so I washed out the ceramic pot, patted it dry, placed it in the crockpot and ZAP!

Not only did it scare the $#%@&* out of me, but it managed to completely fry the electronic circuitry and my husband had to flip the breaker switch. Thankfully I didn’t kill any of the other appliances plugged in to the same outlet.

Luckily I still had a backup old school slow cooker and was able to make dinner despite the unexpected death of my beloved crockpot.

So, what have you blown up in the kitchen lately? (Wink.)

Saturday Girl Power Feel Good Playlist

 colbie try

Love this video and song from Colbie Caillat…great message for tween and teen girls (and their mamas.)

My Current Girl Power Feel Good Playlist (check it out on YouTube):

What songs are inspiring your tween and teen girls these days? (And yes most top 40 songs that my girls view on YouTube are only approved as the “lyrics only” version.)

Happy Saturday!


Fashion Friday: Forever 21 Fall Finds When You Are Anything But 21

forever 21 green surplice dress

I’ve never shopped at Forever 21. Perhaps I’ve been intimidated by the name or the crop tops and pleather. Nevertheless I got a Forever 21 gift card for my 21st plus 24th birthday last month and was really pleased with this gorgeous dress I purchased, not to mention pleasantly surprised by the accessories and clothes that even a 40-something mom could pull off.

Mind you I’m about 20 pounds heavier then I was when I was 21 but Forever 21 shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to fun accessories you don’t necessarily want to invest a lot of cash in (like jewelry for less than $4 ya’ll!)

I ordered this pretty surplice long-sleeve dress in a medium and was a tad apprehensive as the online reviews were mixed. I’m 5 ft. 2 and I think it falls just the perfect length, plus it’s a great dress for transitioning from summer to fall here in Nashville where temps can be anywhere in the 50s to hovering near 80 around the end of October. The material feels feminine and flowy and it’s dressy enough for work and looks great with silver or gold jewelry. I even machine washed it and hung it up to dry. Easy peasy. Love, love it! I couldn’t wait to wear it to work. Even better is the price – $22.

Check out my 10 picks for classic looks this fall from Forever 21:

  1. Surplice Woven Dress – $22

  2. Classic Woven Blazer in Blush – $32

  3. Draped Boyfriend Blazer in Dark Grey – $32

  4. Cowl Neck Sweater in Olive and Black – $22

  5. Curb Chain Bib Necklace in Gold (which I think would look fantastic with the teal dress I ordered) – $7

  6. Faux Suede Zippered Bootie – $29

  7. Oval Faux Gem Studs in Peach and Gold – $3.80

  8. Zippered Faux Leather Tote in Camel – $24.80

  9. Layered Geo Pendant Necklace – $3.80

  10. Sheer Leopard Scarf – $9.80

What’s your favorite find? Do you ever shop at Forever 21?

I’m linking up to Fashion Friday today, which is hosted by some fabulous blogs such as Mommies With Style.

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