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Happy Labor Day!

Wow August…what can I say. It was a crazy busy month.

I now have a high schooler and a middle schooler and in keeping with Labor Day weekend, a bone has been broken.

Here are a few pictures from the month of August from my Instagram feed.  If there is ever good timing for a broken arm (a nondisplaced radius fracture to be precise), this weekend was it. She’ll get a cast next week and hopefully for only four weeks. Miss A got to cheer at the halftime show for the preseason Titans versus Panthers game a few weeks ago which no doubt will probably be the highlight of her cheer career, and it’s just getting started! After taking a year off from soccer and after two ankle fractures, Miss C is back on the soccer field and playing for her high school team.

Today I’m planning on relaxing as much as I can before getting back into the work groove tomorrow.

Here’s to an injury free month of September!


Miss C high school   Miss A cheer


Tennessee Titans halftime

broken arm

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