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Working Mom Wednesday: Yoga Pants & Flip Flops You Complete Me

working mom wednesday

Over on Instagram I’ve started a #WorkingMomWednesday series where I ask a weekly question. Today’s post is all about how you get your kids to school (because today’s kids aren’t walking uphill miles in the snow, rain, or sleet anywhere.) My girls are generally bus riders, but today I trekked out with no makeup on and wearing my sexy black yoga pants (ha ha) and borrowed my girl’s flip flops and drove my 4th grader to school. She’s finishing up the last few weeks of elementary school so I don’t mind.

Fellow working moms I hope to see you over on Insta every Wednesday! Do you have a yoga pants and flip flops uniform for the car?

I'm Jamie, a 50-year-old Nashville working mom desperately seeking a few moments of Zen and zinfandel. I love to travel, find great deals, and talk with my hands. My husband and I have two daughters, three dogs, one cat and too much laundry. Email me at blondemomblog @

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